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Legendary Turkmen Alabai

All factory owners of Alabai's in the beginning of acquaintance to the breed were oriented on bloods of Turkmen Champions:

White Екiмеn, Black Екiмеn, Old Еlbars, Акgush, Red Еlbars, Gezigara. These are lines, which gave the champions, therefore many tried to take these dogs out of the country. It is necessary to tell, that it has justified itself, and now these lines have received a wide circulation in territory of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia. Champions of these countries bear blood of the ancestors from Тurkmenistan.


Gaplan (owner Aizenberg) so call the ancestor of this line, has been bought at the Кааhk. His ancestors were famous for greater spirit in protection of flocks against predators. These dogs were large dogs, and Victor Aizenberg purchased the puppy. At that time Viktor has taken to Rostov-ON-Don interesting enough livestock from Asia (Tajikistan, Turkmenistan). He considered Каriм to be a star of his kennel. Of Course he was!! In fact he was the representative of the blood line of White Ekimen. In this connection, Karim mated the best dams and Gaplan was breeding by a residual principle, but even at such approach Gaplan has given some good dogs (for example, Маsad, Kirovograd). When they began to use him on daughters and grand daughters of Karim, and on other blood lines, he has given excellent result.

First of all, this dog is known for the descendants: Champion Bay, Champion Мurat, the Champion of Ukraine Darvan, the Champion of Ukraine BARON, the Champion of Ukraine Batir (Ukraine), the Champion of Ukraine and Russia Kellar, the Champion of Ukraine Elbars (Ukraine), the Champion of Rostov Hanchik(Russia), the Prize-winner of the Championship of Russia Gabai (Moscow) and simply good fighters: Bovser (Russia), to BALL (Moscow), Tohmed (of Alexanders), Sherhan (Ekaterinburg). Distinctive feature of this line became very large sizes. For today fighting Asians of the large sizes in 90 % cases bear blood of Gaplan (it is very interesting parameter). The most well-known became his son Bay (owner Uzbek).At those times it was very big dog under 70 kg . The champion of Ukraine,was shone on rings of Russia and Caucasus. There were even disputes for whom it should act as he was born in Russia (Rostov-ON-Don), lived in Тоpez(Donetsk region)and was completing in Kavkaz . He was one of the first dogs who was bought for very decent money (not Turkmen cultivation but which could leave after itself excellent posterity). Number one in this list - Мurat (owner Fomenko). A dog of unique strength of mind and the highest intelligence (the fighter to the core), the person in the dog skin. The destiny has presented many tests for him . Contrary to all external factors he has not broken, and became the Great Champion. He remains in hearts of many fans of tests. I consider him as the best fighter of decade (and maybe more - the history will judge). Last of descendants of Gaplan, made much noise is Кellar . The champion of Ukraine among young dogs in heavy weight 2006, the Champion of Russia among young dogs in heavy weight 2006 and the Champion of Russia in heavy weight (the open class) 2007 . It is possible to assume, that we still will see more many dogs of this line on Champion rings.

Stas Mihailov. Magazine "ASKA" # 12

Translated by Admin

Old Elbars

old_elbarsBig fan of dog testing's , Gelda Хоdzhаnеpеsсоv from Barhаrdеnна, more known as Geldy had said that this dog was brought from country side of Zhdanov Tendzhenskog . Old Elbars was massive, strong male, with large bone structure and with very developed macular tone. He had excellent shape of the head with long,flat and wide forehead full and wide muzzle, slightly lowered , practically not narrowing to the end of the nose;he had overbite. Well developed head muscles made it very smooth. His head wasn't the only thing he was noticed for: strong back,slightly protruding and very well developed muscles on his waist , wide and long croop, rounded rib cage and long rib. His rear and frond extremities where perfectly positioned.With one look he gave an appearance of visitor from the past.
Old Elbars had many fights and won all of them, he fought in Uzbekistan where his owner took him for a Championship. From that trip Gelda had brought back a cow as a trophy . When Old Elbars was around 15 years old Gelda took him to Ashhabad,where he was bread to Gounchi daughter of Black Ekimen and got Goymot which by his looks resembled his dad especially the head ,but was smaller in size.

Translated by Admin

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akgushAkgush -is a dog known for the victories not only in fights, but also on show rings, particularly in Donetsk. The feature film "Ohlamon" has been made about this dog. In that movie where some more very known Turkmen dogs: his daughter Akbaj (owner F.Bolkunova), son Bergud (owner. A.Nurjagdyev) which played young Akgusha, Babur (owner. K.Kjarizov) and Bovser (owner Kjarizov). Akgush was born in 1985 in Chache from white with black spots Chakana (owner Kurbanov) and Gojunchi (owner Mohammeds), his mother Chakana. Chakana father , nickname is unknown, has come with flocks of area Tedzhenskogo. For some time have lived in Chache, Akgush has been taken out in Kaahku, and then to Ashkhabad where at the age of two years gets to A.Nurjagdyev who gives him this nickname Akgush. Has lead set of fights, became the Champion of Turkmenistan three times. In his fighting career he has not lost any fight. He was average growth, about 74 - 75 sm at the neck , rough, white color.

With very good pedigree,with wonderfully muscled , very volumetric head, with smooth transition from a forehead to a muzzle, but with slightly expressed arches. It had short enough, very volumetric, not narrowed almost to end of the nose , muzzle (39 sm under eyes, 36 sm near nose).Had a low output, short neck with characteristic dewlap . Perfectly combined and muscled torso ,was slightly spoiled by a little shortened narrow croup and connected with it a little bit substituted back finiteness. The grasp of forearms around 15 sm. He was a "thinking" dog, masterly owned the technics of fight - beat larger and heavier opponents. Owing the endurance and ability to be restored quickly, presumed to combat him self in the beginning of fight not so actively, and having waited when the contender gets tired , passed in rigid counterattack. Thus he was absolutely not aggressive to small dogs and even concerned to them with some fastidiousness. Akgush it is recognized in children and even grandsons as he has transferred to them not just the appearance but the character of a fighter. Unfortunately, often he transferred also the lacks of back finiteness, therefore in cultivation it is necessary to consider it.

Translated by Admin

White Ekimen

white ekimenWhite Ekimen was born in Kaahke from an old dog which was picked up by Sary Meredov ,when that was on the verge of death from an exhaustion and illnesses. About one year spent for restoration of his health, feeding in the beginning only liquid food as the dog could not even chew, Meredov has managed to restore a dog so, that after some time he still worked in a flock and participated in fights. Later the owner again had to treat the Elbarsa, suffered from people for the pugnacity: someone has beaten out all of his teeth with a shovel, even his tongue was split and become doubled, like a snake's tongue.Now all this has acquired legends, and in Kaahke it is often possible to hear, that this tongue intimidated other dogs, putting it out and even hissing. But even being without a teeth, he could not calm down; he continued to fight and won, betting the opponents with his head, and having seen a congestion of people, he considered, that they all means gathered for fights and resorted there in searches of the contender.

From this unruly dog and Gojunchi ,shepherd Meredov has received five puppies: two males and three females. Females as superfluous he dug, one dog was lost when still was a puppy, and survived dog has been named Ak Ekimen. Often enough this nickname is translated as " One I ", i.e. "unique", that is true only partly if to try to translate literally, and the conclusion further is done, that so in Turkmen name the dog who has born in a singular. Actually Ekimen means "unsociable", "gloomy". White Екimen was a large, massive dog, white color, with almost imperceptible, light yellow, medium-sized spots. Prominent feature of his behavior was that, very tolerantly concerning to people during rest in the house, but he was extremely aggressive to another's, being in a flock on work. He loved his work the most in which he always excellent The was one case when the wolf has got in , and White Екimen then absolutely still young, barked, ran around, but did not approached . Меredov tells, that after that he has said to the dog: " If once again so you will do this , I shall shoot you ". And the dog has understood. " It was enough to have White Екimen with any bitch at flock to not be afraid of any wolves ", - the shepherd adds. Though White Екimen was the champion on fights, but he never was a fighting dog . Gumman is very known in Turkmenistan , took him rom Кааhкi on fights to Ashkhabad, speaks: " Ак Екiмен did not love me, he in general did not love the city, to him here it was uncomfortable. At all time he wanted back in a flock, even ate badly. So it was necessary to return him back in four month . When he was taken back, he jumped out of the truck and ran 10 kilometers back to the flock. One of Ак Екimen's sons in honor of the father have named as, therefore, to avoid mess, in Turkmenistan now it is accepted to distinguish: 1-st White Екimеn (father) and 2-nd White Екiмеn (son). "

Translated by Admin

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Black Ekimen

black ekimenIt is a pity, but it's been like this for centuries,that creating of a cult of any manufacturer , occurs after death. The similar situation has not bypassed Black Екimen. While he was still alive there was a set of legends about his origin. East epos is beautiful and entertaining, but it would not be desirable to confuse the reader, and I shall try to acquaint briefly with history of an origin and separate fragments from a life of this wonderful dog. My Turkmen friends have allowed me to make it happen: Geldy and Kakish Kyarizov, family Meredovyh, Perman Мuhamedod, Aliev Hivolibaj and Амаnsаhат Nуryagdiev. My greater enthusiasm with Turkmen Alabai and especially Black Екimen with enormous quantity of trips in Turkmenistan have allowed me to collect rich information material. The family of hereditary shepherds Мedoix in Кааhка held three dogs: White Екimen, Black Екiмеn and the son of Black Екimen - Sаrdаrа. Very many shepherds got dogs on external similarity to an ancestor same thing happened to Black Ekimen. In the end of 70th the flock was brought in Кааhку . Together with a flock has come and it has been left black-speckled bitch, with very impudent character. After a while she has given birth to three puppies. One of them, namely identical by colorings with mother, has been left by shepherds Меredovim. The puppy grew very impudent and independent. In the age of one year Black Ekimen has received serious trauma, when he got hit by a motorcycle. Treatment was not done, but fortunately the dog has survived, though traumas have affected a structure of its back legs According to shepherds Меeredovih, B.Ekimen only once scuffled with wolves, but nobody saw details of fight, as it was very dark, and the scared flock of sheep's did not allowed to approach close enough to see the dog scuffling wolves.

Also we need to mention ,that B.Ekimen after that fight for a long time could not rise and he was treated with old tested Turkmenian way by applying of fresh kurdyuck ( Sheep Fat). Finally having recovered, B.Ekimen continued to work in the flock until friend Meredovyh, Kumman began to take away Black and White Екiмеn's for the celebratory fights in Аshhabad. Black Екiмеn and White Екiмеn never were Champions. But at the same time B.Ekimen possessed huge internal energy and the impudent character, allowing to put him in fights several times. And B.Ekimen justified hopes, he always went to fight and always beat the opponent chest forward. In addition it is important to add, that B.Ekimen possessed very low threshold of painful sensitivity.

Many Turkmens known B.Ekimen, remember so-called fight “ three toothed with three pawed ” when opponent of B.Ekimena, having caught him by a paw, has completely held down B.Ekimen's movements. Nothing foretold success, but B.Ekiemen has surprised all: he has seized himself by the paw and with powerful jerk has released himself from the opponent, having pulled out with this movement the opponent's canine. After that B.Ekimen's fight,he received greater popularity. They gave and sold, changed and returned him , but he has not justified desire of the owners.He did not possess a specific manner of fight. As before there was an impudence and indefatigability. At last, having returned to the former owner, but already to the senior from brothers, to Aman Meredovu, B.Ekimen was used as the stud.

But also here he has not justified hopes. Being not potent dog he has not embodied himself in the children. In known four breedings all his sons have inherited a phenotype of mother. B.Ekimen has served only as inhensment. Subsequently were made inbridings in all regions of former Soviet Union, but unsuccessfully. Only family Kjarizovyh managed to receive fenotipick grandsons similar to him, they were Тоhмет and Gurlen. At the same time, it was an initial point in opening of a line of the descendants in Тurkmenistan, such as Erln, Аккеllо and Аrlаn, known already today. Thanks to B.Ekimen we have received : Bоvsеr (Bаbur х Тоgolok), Аккеllо (Аrlаn х Тоgolok), Акbаi (Акgush х Nokot), and also descendants ascending through the bitches: Diка (Sаrdar х Karali), used in cultivation in Minsk, Кеnurdzha (Umar х Иnginlidzhаnа), Ugrel (B.Ekimen х Оira) in St.-Petersburg,Arlan.

Finishing a narration about wonderful Black Екiмеn it would be desirable to say something to present selectors: appreciate and love the manufacturers of dogs while they are alive, the dog century is short, and "to catch" valuable qualities of "former" manufacturers in nowadays living descendants, very labor-consuming work and not always grateful for the selector.

Translated by Admin


He was pure white color. Just like a rabbit inside very dark room, the puppy was sitting inside the cave with his mom. Wet,small, white with dark spot on his head . In the middle crying sounds of puppies one could clearly hear definite growl of one unhappy pup. All of a sadden the was a cry, the owner woke up and run to the yard. In the complete dark of night Gelda was able to observe 2 pups feeding. He picked them up and took a look. They where 2 males. Above of the ears of one pup was a spot. Gel da smiled and out loud thanked God. His owner dreamed of having dog just like that. For a long wile he had hopes to have a son of Erlan,for him to be as strong,proud and white colored. By that time Gelda Kyarizov had second master degree (Zootech) and he wanted to create his own line more than any one else. Happiness couldn't have been better and 2 white males that looked like twins brother Gyarizov's kept and named Erlen and Erlen 2. As days went by pups grew. Their mom,white dam with tiger stripes,wasn't very affectionate mom, but she had lots of milk to feed them.

By 3 month old they looked like summa wrestlers. Paying to much attention to the pups the owners didn't notice,how their dad Erlan wsa going down. By summer time he was dead. If that wasn't bad some one had stole Arlan. Arlan 2 was left as only hope for repeating the father . Since early puppy hood the felt competition. At first it was his brother Arlen and later, after moving to another property "Аhаll, near Gеок-Теpе, Esser became his permanent enemy,grandson of his father. Erlen 2 was cocky dog also caused him huge sympathy of grooms. Tender, externally very beautiful, he had got to himself constant attention and care. They constantly caressed and fed him. Subsequently these circumstances have rendered him few problems because he was stolen several times but by lucky charm was always returned to his owners. Near a year old Erlen was tested for fighting ability. He did not pass the test and was send back to Gеок-Теpе. Upset Gelda " in heart " has changed a nickname of a dog, and for some time has forgotten about him.Now he became Аrlаn. The recollection about the dog only came back when 10-month's female with a nickname Тоgоlок, received in a combination from the same Erlеn and it's niece Karalli , has accidentally bread with Аrlan. The born puppies were magnificent. Later this breeding had repeated twice and always with wonderful result.Thus, the life itself has predetermined purpose to Arlan. The grandson- legendary Black Екimen, the son of well-known Erlen which till now is one of standards of the breed, Аrlan became fine manufacturer. In that he has surpassed many relatives. Not being an inbreed dog, he steadily "printed" the heritage in his descendants. Even looking at his grandsons and great-grandsons, experts without effort see in them presence of Arlan,Erlen, Black Екimen. This fact had interested some breeders. And who "was in time", has a fine opportunity to work with this line. I am myself with maximum effort bread his grandsons, having a happy opportunity to attach every possible descendants of Arlan, and also Yunks, unique in the country and one and only -son of Apache (owner U.Mamedhyazob ) from Bаigush.

erlenMy lucky fortune has allowed me several times to interact personally with this remarkable beauty of a dog. Each time, observing so harmonious animal, I wanted the most figuratively and expressively to describe his physic. In one of trips in Turkmenistan it was possible for me to measure and carefully make the description. So here it goes: unusual beauty. Powerful, very tall, white, with rich coat:a mane, tanks, friezes as in heavy trucks.The head, comparing with the body is short but rough and heavy look and but very harmonious. A cranium in a cut square, that is why the volume is great.The muzzle small is length, wide, slightly курноса, without bright crisis to a skull. Because the eyebrows are visible,seems that structure has a stop. The bottom jaw is wide, its long bone not a straight line ,but качелью, because of that muzzle is even bigger. Under eyes and in the basis of a muzzle convex, but cheeks do not stand out. Lips are thick and "meaty", as if stung by bees. Upper lips do not hang down, but cover bottom. In corners of lips pockets. Nose is wide, black, because of the general cut of a muzzle does not stand out.yes alive, expressive, at a great distance from each other. The neck high, not long and from a long fur seems even more shorter, than actually is and does not border on a nape, and smoothly merges. A chest is wide, but not convex, "box". Chest is deep because shoulders are born forward. Edges, especially back, well lowered. The back short, wide "bench", before waist is bent, though a waist wide and convex. Groats long . Shoulders slanting, as well as knees. Forearms strong, convex. A bone of legs flat, wide. Paws are very strong. Movements soft, elastic.Finishing a brief narration about the history of a life of this remarkable dog, I'd like to say, that always there are many remarkable dogs with whom we are not always happy and not always find in them an embodiment of the hopes. Possibly, it is not necessary to be afflicted and wave away from them. Try to see the pupil on the other hand. Probably, it will prove magnificent sitter, so necessary for you at present, or the incorruptible watchman, a fine draught dog or remarkable and unpretentious.Postpone your dreams for a short while and they will necessarily be shown in your next dog. And this dog as is worthy your attention and love. And it will by all means answer you with the same. This is the main law of Nature.

Nikolai Demidov (San Peterburg)

Magazine "Inform CAO" #9

Translated by Admin

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Old Gaplan (Lame Gaplan)


This dog shook by his size and massiveness. Gaplan was born in Kaakhke his owner was the shepherd Asenali Guseinov. Once in the village of Tedzhensk region Asenali saw two dogs, they struck him by their their great standards and huge size. After finding owner of the dogs, he made a request to sell one of them, the owned declined. Esenali traveled to the village several times to persuade the owner to sell and finally was able to buy a puppy - female form one of them. She became the mother of old Gaplan. Father was male, which belonged to Guseinov. From the words of old shepherd, precisely this dog,later was rescued by Sarah Meredov and, bread with his own female received White Ekimen. Old Gaplan was called Lame Gaplan when approximately at six years old he got hit by a car.

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Article in Russian part 1 and part2

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